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7cool Bluetooth gadgets
Bluetooth revolutionized electronics 10 years ago with its wireless technology that enables devices to
communicate with each other. Here’s a look at some of the latest Bluetooth-enabled devices.

1. PARTY speakers from Parrot (Black Edition)

Price: Available this summer for $150

This portable, wireless speaker system lets you listen to music – beamed – from your phone or PC. It’s also got a
built-in technology called Near Field Communications (NFC), which allows users to pair it with a mobile device
by simply tapping the two together.

2. Calisto Pro Series from Plantronics

Price: $280

You know the cellular industry has made it when home phones start looking like mobile handsets. This sleek
landline telephone from Plantronics is made for home use but comes with a Bluetooth headset that can also
work with a cell or VoIP phone.

3. S-Frame digital photo frames from Sony
Price: $190 – $250, depending on size

You’ll need a Bluetooth adapter to transfer images from your cell phone to this new picture frame. The frame’s
LCD screen can display images up to 48 megapixels, and offers 10 slide show variations on top of clock and
calendar views. Two index modes let you preview several photos at once.

4. SUN headset by Iqua

Price: $80

This solar-powered Bluetooth headset converts light into power, which means you won’t have to worry about
recharging the battery every night. While it’s a bit large (due to the built-in mini solar panel), the eco-friendly SUN claims to get nine hours of talk time.

5. MBW-150 watch from Sony Ericsson (Music Edition)

Price: $400

This James Bond-like, water-resistant gadget works in conjunction with your handset by vibrating each time you
receive a new call or text message and letting you control your mobile music. The one downside: The watch only
works with select Bluetooth-enabled phones made by Sony Ericsson.

6. Virtual laser keyboard from Golan Technology

Price: $160

This futuristic-looking portable device uses infrared and laser technology to project a full-size, working virtual
keyboard on any surface. It uses Bluetooth technology to pair with both laptops and compatible cell phones for
typing messages on the go.

7. V610 EasyShare camera from Kodak

Price: $350

Using embedded Bluetooth wireless technology, the V610 allows users to take pictures and beam them straight
to their PC or a compatible printer. This small, 6-megapixel camera also comes with dual-lens technology and a
2.8-inch high-resolution color display.

Source : Bangladeshinfo (2008)

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